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 My 5165 Source *NEW*

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PostSubject: My 5165 Source *NEW*   Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:52 am

Source Name: HellZone
Source V5165
Source Creator: Me (AKA awesome100able)
Downloads at the bottom
How to create?
Well heres the setup
step 1: install it to ur hard drive disk C: or C:/ whatever
step 2: open it and should be like this: HellZone>OLDCODB then in OLDCODB open up "Configuration" shud be like this at the start
GameServerIP=put ur server ip here

Password=put your appserv password here
and follow what it says only change where it says "Password=" and "GameServerIp=" follow the code...
Step3: go to HellZone>OLDCODB and then open up "HellZone- StarTUp"
Step:4 now ur server is online but now i needa show u how 2 create an acc ok well in the HellZone- StarTUp thing type in /newacc uruserid urpass [GM]
Done Making ServeR
Downloads: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
No SQL Needed
Now registeration setup
should be like this HellZone>OLDCODB>Crete 5165 reg page
what 2 do? follow tese steps Step.1 Open regconfiguration and where it says "YOUR SERVER NAME HERE" and "your server ipaddress here"
do what they say and "Save" and "Close"
Step.2 now open "start ur reg page here" and it should be black only
unless someone registers then there should be letter
Razz thx for trying us out!
Enjoy my source its a great release
CoRevenge V5165
No Buggs
Aimbot/SpeedHack Disabled
More info on site
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My 5165 Source *NEW*
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